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Lotte van Oers

Lotte van Oers

DIVA van de maand

July 2020

Interview with Gloria Turyamureeba

Gloria Turyamureeba is a graduate of Business Administration majoring in Accounts and Economics from Texas University, USA. She is the CEO of C&S Upholstery, Footprints Group of Companies. Gloria also holds positions in various organizations where she is serving in various categories. She is a Board Member at Management Training and Advisory Center (MTAC), Board Member at Child empowerment international, and Director Central Region at Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCC).

DIVAZ questions:

1. What is your biggest passion?
My greatest passion is achieving what I start out to do. Whether it be a business, organising an occasion, speaking to children, or anything else. My passion is to succeed at what ever I do and in the process for others to benefit from it.

2. If you had a magic wand, what would you change immediately?
I would remove all hatred around the world, between families, neighbours, countries and the world at large. This would create a setting for easier dialogue hence peace around the world.

3. What is your most valuable advice for women?
If you can think it, dream it and gather the courage to want it. Then work for i tand its yours. Self esteem is not taught its a state of mind that each woman should know they possess they just have to tap into that part of their mind and heart that says fo for it!!

4. Do you have a role model and who is it?
I have many depending on the issue or topic. But my greatest was my late mother. She tought me most of what I know and most importantly humility, faithfulness, integrity and hard work. For those living Oprah and Nelson Mandela are my role models because they gave their lives to make the lives of others better in many ways without any discrimination. For Mandela teaching peace and forgiveness is that makes him a hero in my eyes. On a larger picture anyone trying hard to make a difference tob etter the world is a hero in my eyes.

5. What should women do to get what they want?
My opinion is that our minds are strong enough to get us anything or through any situation. I advise women to work together to form bigger groups so as to gather more financing and ideas so as to get what they would like. Also education is a major instrument in getting what we want as women. Educate a women and you will have educated a generation!