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Lotte van Oers

Lotte van Oers

DIVA van de maand

June 2020

Interview with Hale el Barkouky

Hale is the founder and managing partner at Allied Business Consultants, Egypt. She is currently also chair of Women in Business Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. She was the founder and former Chairwoman and Managing Director of Tatweer Real Estate. Hale has more than eightteen years of experience in finance and banking in a number of prominent financial and banking institutions in Egypt. She has moderated and spoken in several conferences and seminars in Egypt and overseas on the role of private equity funds in the economy, special finance vehicles and the role of women in the economy and politics. Especially on the role of women she has very outspoken ideas and claims women have played their role in the situation in Egypt during the Arab Spring. She is a firm advocate of women empowerment.

DIVAZ Questions:

1. What is your biggest passion?
My biggest passion is women empowerment. The world and my country would be a lot more prosperous if women were more empowered. A family with an empowered mother will not produce terrorists…

2. If you had a magic wand what would you change immediately?
I would put a good woman president in Egypt and I would put a woman prime minister in Saoudia Arabia.

3. What is your most valuable advice for women?
Persistance is magic, it has the effect of small drops of water on a rock. That is what persistance does. You have to believe that you are master of your destiny. We are not als helpless like some women like to believe.

4. Do you have a rolemodel and who is it?
I like Elanor Roosevelt. She supported the formation of the United Nations. President Turman called her the “First Lady of the World” in tribute to her human rights achievements.

5. What should women do to get what they want?
In the case of Egypt; the new constitution being written is not offering women their legitimate equal rights. Women should do every effort to ensure the constitution ensures and protects women rights.