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Lotte van Oers

Lotte van Oers

DIVA van de maand

June 2020

Interview with Wendy Luhabe

Wendy is the Founder and Chairman Women Private Equity Fund and Founder Women Investment Portfolio Holdings. She has a portfolio of interests and has been a social entrepreneur since 1991 after 10 years in corporate marketing. In 1994 she pioneered the founding of Women Investment Portfolio Holdings which listed in 1999 on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange in the Investment Trust section, an initiative that revolutionized the participation of women in the economic landscape of South Africa and the first women owned company to be listed. Wendy is featured in various media and was honored as one of 50 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World. Since January 2000 she has been featured as one of the likely candidates for Presidency even though she has no political aspirations. She wrote her first book “Defining Moments” to demonstrate that the world needs diversity to thrive and progress.

DIVAZ questions:

1. What is your biggest passion?
Development of Human potential and in particular the development and participation of Women in the economy and in leadership roles, Mentorship of Younger generations and Purposeful Leadership.

2. If you had a magic want what would you change immediately?
The Education system is outdated and needs to stay ahead of the pace of change in society. We are currently educating children for a world that no longer exists.

3. What is your most valuable advice for women?
It is important to have education, to know who we are, have a purpose for our life, live consciously, learn to say no and do not allow society to dictate what we can or cannot do. In other words to live on our terms.

4. Do you have a role model and who is it?
My mother was my role model, she did things that women of her generation did not think were possible. I am generally inspired by women who travel the road less travelled.

5. What should women do to get what they want?
We should learn how to excersize our power and stop proving to the world that we are capable. Men generally assume they are competent, we on the other hand assume we are not good enough.The reality is that we are way beyond “Good enough”. Most importantly,women will get what they want if they collaborate more with each other.