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Lotte van Oers

Lotte van Oers

DIVA van de maand

June 2020

Interview with Yakut Eyuboglu

Yakut Eyuboglu has obtained her postgraduate degree from Bradford University, Graduate School of Management and also holds a  Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University. Her career has prominently revolved around the utilization of her skills as a communicator and facilitator in the field of asset management (Kocbank, ABN AMRO bank) in line with international marketing (Chemelco International, Gemini Systems BV) and intercultural communications (founder member of Ari). Having had professional experience both in Turkey and overseas mainly in Benelux has developed and broadened her understanding of social and business dynamics in Europe. These experiences have directed her focus of branching Turkish companies into external European markets as well als guidance of European companies in expanding into the Turkish economy. In addition, she has tremendous amount of experience in community outreach activities in empowering women as an activist, speaker and organizer. Most recently Yakut has been focused towards developing a new model for inclusive finance for women in Turkey.

Yakut is especially passionate about the subject of Financial literacy, because she believes that lack of financial knowledge might be very likely to end up as a failure in entrepreneurship.

“To enable our work be successful we need to have a basic understanding of the financial statements of our companies and the macro and micro economical parameters. As entrepreneurs, our financial journey starts with Financal literacy. Moreover, we need to understand that the financial options that we can have access to starts, again, with Inclusive Finance. We have to know how to deal with the banks and our competitors as well as our clients”.

Yakut lived and worked in Turkey, USA, Australia and the Netherlands and was a career woman in the financial world. What are her insights on the biggest differences between women in Turkey and the Netherlands regarding work and career? “In Turkey, the competition is huge and for women it makes it more difficult. Therefore, as women in Turkey we learned to have a pioneering role and persuasion skills to survive in male-dominant society! Where as in Holland emancipation is an established system and women do not need to have a pioneering role to succeed in their career. However having said that, women in Holland are more accepting a part-time career role which is a let-down for women in my eyes. In addition, In Turkey we accept female role with receiving complements from the male colleagues and enjoy being treated like a lady. In Holland, women try so hard to prove they are equal and they feel insulted if they are treated lady like by their male colleagues”.

DIVAZ Questions:

1. What is your biggest passion?
Self-empowerment with tools like financial literacy and emotional literacy! Lets start with empowering and investing in yourself for more content and successful lives.

2. If you had a magic wand what would you change immediately?
Enabling all talented people to start campuses for young children to teach and create awareness of their skills! Educate mankind! As the first three rules of the Quoran quoted, “Read! Read and again Read!”

3. What is your most valuable advice for women?
Appreciate your pears, value them and support other women’s work. Acknowledge your abilities and do not focus on your shortcomings, instead improve them. Lastly, stay away from female comfort zones like victimization and bitterness!

4. Do you have a role model and who is it?
Hillary Clinton, I have read her book many years ago and I admired her ambition as an equal and strong willed career woman. Nelson Mandela, as he is quoted, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”